The Benefits Of A Diet Rich In Fish

Add Fish to Your Diet to Improve Your Health

Fish has an abundance of fatty acids or omega-3 vitamins known as (EPA and DHA, vitamin B2, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iodine.)
Recommendations from the American Heart Association say that you need to eat fish at least twice per week.

The Benefits of Eating Raw Fish

Eating fish at least two times per week helps to lower your blood pressure if you suffer from high blood pressure. Fish will help keep your blood pressure in an acceptable range. If you have a family history of cardiac disease and even if you do not, fish contributes to reducing your risk for issues such as stroke or heart attack. Eating sufficient amounts of fish every week contribute to healthy brain function.

When you buy seafood, make sure the label says "Wild Caught," as these fish will be lower in contaminants.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This nutrient is one that your body does not produce naturally, so you must include this nutrient in the foods you eat. Since all fish types contain Omega-3 nutrients, you must eat a sufficient amount at least two times per week. Some fish contain more of the omega-3 nutrients than other fish types. These fish that are higher in omega-3 nutrients include mackerel, oysters, tuna, trout, sardines, salmon, and herring.

Eating fish provides you with many benefits, but the biggest benefit is the omega-3 nutrients. These advantages alone include, lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of heart attack, heart arrhythmias, sudden death, strokes, increases healthy brain function, and reduces the risk of osteoarthritis.

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