Revolving Sushi: The Future of Dining

Revolving sushi, aka "kaiten-sushi" restaurants, bring instantaneous and visually-driven food selection to the table—literally. They are also known as conveyor belt sushi restaurants.

This innovative restaurant model, which started in Japan in 1958, is an invention of Yoshiaki Shiraishi. He was a restaurant owner in Osaka who had a difficult time keeping a dependable staff on his side. However, the demand for sushi never waned even as the amount of his help fluctuated. To solve the problem, he invented the conveyor belt restaurant, where he would place fresh sushi on a conveyor belt that would pass by all his seated guests. When a dish caught someone's eye, they would take it, eat it, then pay for it as they left.

This model worked for Shiraishi because he didn't need to hire an extensive waitstaff. It also pleased his guests because they could grab what they wanted right away without waiting.

The Convenience of Revolving Sushi Restaurants

The reasons for the revolving sushi model's success isn't difficult to discern. For busy office workers or anyone on a time crunch, coming in and grabbing what you need right away is a great convenience. The restaurant saves money on labor, which makes the cost of the food lower than that of full-service restaurants. Customers are also conveniently billed and pay up front, so they don't have to wait for someone to bring a check to them.

Fresh food fast and at a great price. What's not to love?

Did you know that there's a conveyor belt sushi restaurant right here in Anchorage? OEC Revolving Sushi continues Shiraishi's legacy by offering lightning fast and affordable meals to guests in the area. We serve more than just sushi too. You'll find soups, teriyaki, tempura, edamame, and more. If you want to order a specific menu item, you can always order online or in person as well. We look forward to serving you some amazing Japanese food in a fun and convenient way!