Picnic Time: What to Bring In Your Basket

Now that picnic season is in full swing, you may be planning to enjoy an outdoor meal with family and friends in a park or other natural setting -- and in Alaska, you've certainly got your choice of gorgeous places to enjoy an al fresco meal. Whether you're headed out with family and friends to picnic at Hatcher Pass or driving down to Girdwood with your loved one for a romantic picnic for two along the way, the right type of food will make the meal even more memorable. Following are five easy finger foods to include the next time you've got the urge to pack a picnic basket.

Deli Sandwiches

Deli sandwiches make great picnic items because fit easily into picnic baskets, can be made with your choice of fresh, delicious ingredients, and the only utensils you need to eat them are your fingers.

Freshly Baked Cookies

Few things are more delicious than a freshly baked cookie enjoyed in an outdoor setting with abundant fresh air. Choose from chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookies, and more. Powdered sugar brownies are another great finger-food picnic dessert option. Can't make up your mind? Get a combo tray and enjoy them all.


Another favorite finger food for the picnicking crowd, tacos are another easily transportable food item made with fresh and flavorful ingredients. You can put just about any type of ingredient you want inside a taco shell.


If you want something somewhere between a taco and a classic deli sandwich, try a wrap. You'll get the same choice of great ingredients all wrapped up in quality flatbreads.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit offers a delicious and nutritious way to help fill your picnic basket. Enjoy berries, melons, apple slices, and more.

Don't forget to add your choice of beverage to the basket before beginning your outdoor dining adventure. Finish filling your basket with cold juices and sparkling water, and consider packing along a thermos of hot tea or cocoa to complete the picture. Stop by Peppercini's Deli to get everything you need for the perfect picnic.