How to Know How Much Food to Order for Your Next Event

How to Know How Much Food to Order for Your Next Event

Planning an event is a great way to get employees together for a meeting or banquet, or friends and family together to celebrate a special occasion. If you’re getting ready to host an event, then you’re probably thinking about what refreshments to serve your guests. Follow these tips to figure out how much food you should order from your caterer:

Determine How Many Guests You’ll Have

Before you can figure out how much food you’ll need, you need to know exactly how many guests will be attending your event. Once you have the guestlist set, you can start determining how much food each guest should have. Generally, you should expect to serve each guest four to five ounces of protein and four ounces of side dishes.

Consider the Time of Your Event

What time will your event take place? If your event will take place during a standard meal time, then you should plan to serve your guests a full meal. If your event will take place between standard meal times, then you might want to only serve hors d'oeuvres and drinks. If your event will take place after a planned meal, then you should still offer your guests some refreshments, such as dessert and drinks.

Decide How Many Courses You’ll Serve

If you are serving a full meal, you’ll need to figure out how many courses you want to serve. You can serve an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, or even add more courses to the list. You can also choose buffet-style dining so guests can take as much as they want.

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