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4 Essential Smoking Accessories

For as long as humans have been enjoying smoking, the need for useful and enhancing smoking accessories has been enjoyed and pursued as well. With a wide array of uses and products to choose from at your local smoke shop, here are five essential accessories to add to your smoking arsenal.

Water Pipe

When smoking any substance, the burning of the tobacco can produce harsh and sometimes negative effects for your throat and body. The use of a water pipe can help reduce some of the harsh effects by naturally filtering out some of the toxins and offering a smoother pull from the pipe, providing a more enjoyable smoking experience.

Pipe Cleaner

Having a clean device from which to smoke is one of the most essential parts of an enjoyable smoking experience. There are several different types of pipe cleaners, from the traditional wire pipe cleaners to your water-based moist towelettes. Cleaning your smoking device on a regular basis is a sure way to keep it in good condition and ensure the longevity of the piece.

Quality Rolling Papers

Skimping on quality rolling papers is a mistake that a lot of folks make when at their local smoke shop. Purchasing quality rolling papers, such as Zig Zags, makes the rolling of your cigarettes a much more manageable process. They taste is also much more enjoyable and smoother.


A quality grinder is a must have accessory for properly packing and rolling your cigarettes. Grinders expedite the process of separating the dry herb into smaller and easily packable piles. They also make it easier to conserve your herb when it is finely ground.

Piece of Mind Smoke Shop in Anchorage, AK has a wide variety of these essential smoking accessories as well as a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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