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Pairing Sake with Sushi

Pairing Sake with Sushi

Sake is a perfect pairing for sushi, but you might not realize just how many varieties of this tasty beverage you have to choose from. Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, and it can be clear and light with a hint of carbonation or rich and cloudy with deep and complex flavor notes. To sort through the different varieties of sake to pair with your favorite sushi selections, take a look at the following guide to picking out the ideal pairing for your fish.

To Pair with Salmon

Salmon has a distinctive saltiness in its fatty and rich flesh, and these aspects make it ideal for a lighter, fruit-forward sake. Junmai Futsushu is a style you might favor with salmon nigiri or Philadelphia rolls, since it is similar in body and flavor to a dry white wine.

To Pair with Tuna

The flavor of tuna is understated. It has more subtle nuances that can be well-complemented by a savory variety of sake. Daigingo sake can pair beautifully, because it has the addition of distilled alcohol to bring out the earthy, umami notes of both the fish and the beverage.

To Pair with Whitefish

Whitefish and scallops have less of a fatty and rich mouthfeel, so they can benefit from being paired with a sweeter variety of sake. Nama sake is unpasteurized, which allows the floral and fruity flavors to shine.

To Pair with Mackerel

If you order a more strongly flavored fish like mackerel, Yamahai sake will be able to stand up to the bold intensity of the fish. Yamahai sake is typically unfiltered and has the addition of lactic acid for a distinct hint of smoke and umami flavor.

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