We have been here on the corner of 7th & F Street for 10 years now. Things sure have changed and also stayed the same. Some things you can always count on: our “world famous” oatmeal, we still use Heritage coffee and our porch is still available to hang out on. We are very much a family operation, Karin still makes most of the drinks, Duane is the “go-to” guy always fixing and fetching, Jessica is always working when not in school and occasionally you will find Justin working the cash register (though usually he is playing on the computer). Working with us is our extended family: Teresa, Naleaha, & Katie. After 10 years, quality is still most important to us. Enough so that Karin received her Barista certification from the International Association of Specialty Coffee (only one of 2 people in Anchorage to do so). We strive to use the best ingredients in our drinks and food, using organic whenever possible.

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