We offer tattoos on a walk-in basis when time is available, and offer appointments with a $60 cash deposit, later applied towards tattoo. ~ Piercings are always done on a strictly walk-in at all of our locations, no appointments needed! ~ Laser Tattoo Removal is available by appointment only, at our 5th Avenue location only. ~Tattooing is cash only at this time, but we accept most major credit cards for piercing services, jewelry, aftercare products, merchandise, and gift certificates. ~We perform our piercings using top of the line body jewelry made of stainless steel and titanium, and also use solid niobium and solid 18k gold. Our jewelry for initial piercings is of the highest quality, and is almost exclusively made in America by ANATOMETAL. We also carry a wide selection of jewelry for healed piercings in an array of materials and sizes. We take great pride in providing the best jewelry available to our clients. If there is something you want that we don't have in stock we are happy to special order jewelry for you at no additional cost, with a minimum 50% deposit. We have dozens of amazing professional wholesale body jewelry companies to order from. ~Minors must have a state or federally issued I.D. or driver's license, Military I.D., Tribal I.D., or Passport, with present parent or legal guardian's I.D. as well, to be pierced. School I.D. is not an acceptable form of identification. If the minor and parent do not share the same last name, they will also need to provide some additional documentation such as, but not limited to, a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, etc. in order to show that they are the parent. When a minor is brought in by a legal guardian, they must provide proof of legal guardianship. Minors can get most piercings with parental consent. ~We offer children's earlobe piercings at each piercer's discretion. We do NOT use ear piercing guns, all of our body piercings are performed with piercing needles, of the highest quality and design. A Birth Certificate is required for earlobe piercing on children, along with parent's ID. They must be able to ask for the piercing. We also can sometimes provide tandem piercing upon request.

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