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​We are an Alaskan Home Grown Family operated company that is striving to bring together all the micro-growers (Mom and Pop operations) into one cooperative (co-op) community. Also, to get rid of the street corner deals and make it a more safe environment for Alaskan Customers. This will ensure that Alaskan business owners and customers will flourish. We will be able to lay our own brick and mortar for the foundation of this future endeavor. It will also keep *OUTSIDE* big businesses and our Local Government from taking control of what is and has been rightfully ours. In simple, PROHIBITION is over and we made this so on November 4, 2014. Now, as the ALASKAN PIONEERS that we are, let us prune our way into what will inevitably be the future of what we call our home. Making marijuana affordable for all. Let us use this not as the right to smoke pot, but as a way to cultivate fields of opportunity. THANK YOU AND ENJOY!!!