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Doing Spring Cleaning? Here's What You Should Donate

About to embark on some spring cleaning? If so, that is a positive step in your personal life. Getting rid of clutter will make you feel less stressed.

You can also do some good for society at the same time by donating your unwanted items to the Salvation Army. This organization has been committed to making the world a better place for generations.

Following are the things you should consider setting aside for donation while spring cleaning:


New clothes can be quite expensive these days. As a result, families cannot always afford to buy something new when a child goes through a growth spurt. Also, adults need accessories, such as ties and belts, to wear to job interviews.

Help out by donating clothes and accessories you no longer need. Never throw away items that are still in decent condition. Your unwanted clothing may be just what another person desires.


Many college students and those just starting out shop at thrift stores in search of housewares. They may be on their own for the first time. Suddenly they realize there are no plates or silverware to eat dinner. Well, they can find low cost housewares at the Salvation Army thanks to you.


An education is something that can never be taken away from a person. Help others broaden their horizons by donating your used books.


Many people search for old furniture sitting in front of dumpsters on the street. Unfortunately, these items can carry germs and bugs.

It is better for them if you donate your unwanted furniture to the Salvation Army. The organization cleans the donated items, as needed, before putting them up for resale.


Kids appreciate dolls and action figures because many families cannot afford new toys during the holidays. You can truly make a difference by donating any of these toys you have at home.

Moreover, you will be freeing up closet space. It is a win-win for all involved.

Get Started Spring Cleaning

Now that you know what others need, start cleaning up and sorting out what you no longer use. Then take these items to the Salvation Army. The proceeds help them manage rehabilitation programs, feed the hungry and employ hardworking Americans.

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