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How to Professionally Smoke Salmon

How to Professionally Smoke Salmon

Smoked salmon has a unique taste in seafood cuisine. It is due to the strong aroma that smoking gives your meat. Smoked salmon may well be prepared in various ways. It could be fried or grilled.

A salmon can be smoked perfectly with the correct materials. The cut and thickness of the salmon piece will decide the number of ingredients required to cook the fish. There are three major stages of smoking your salmon:

  • Creating a Brine to Cure the Salmon

  • Drying the Fish

  • Right Temperature for Smoking the Salmon

You can add or play with a wide range of ingredients like including herbs and flavors once you have found how to smoke your salmon.

Making a Brine to Cure the Salmon

In order to make the brine, for each kilogram of salmon, you will require 1 gallon of water, 2 small mugs of rock salt and 2 small mugs of brown sugar.

The salmon is preferably cooked in a glass bowl to avoid unfavorable responses that may occur with metal utensils. Mix up the water, salmon, rock salt, and sugar. This is an essential approach as it will decide the overall taste of the fish when it is smoked. Subject to your preference, marinate the fish from 8 to 24 hours. The more you marinate your fish, the saltier it will become. Keep in mind that the fish will absorb moisture as it is left to marinate. So, you have to make sure to check on it as often as possible. After this procedure, it is essential to dry the salmon.

Drying the fish

The vast majority of people do not remember to dry the fish and go on smoking it quickly. Drying the fish guarantees that the flavor it absorbed is secured even as it smokes.

The Best Temperature to Smoke Salmon

Keep the smoker temperature low for a while. In this way, your smoked salmon will be wet, chipped, and loaded with smoky flavor. Set the smoker to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and let the fish cook for around 3 hours.

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